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Complete pool - Hotel Delfin Bijela
Complete pool - Hotel Delfin Bijela
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Hydro insulation

We are specialized for professional hydro-insulation works. Obtained surface is smooth, fully UV and weather resistant; Heat tolerance is ranging from -40°C to +80°C. Hydro-insulated surface is monolithic, and resistant even to smaller physical load and damage. Polyester compound is placed using special procedure which enables it to be tightly bonded to the given surface and together they make a monolithic whole which cannot be separated by mechanical means.

With such hydro-insulation, the investor is gaining several years worth of protective layer on both mechanical and physical-chemical impacts.

We also conduct hydro insulation of the slabs, roofs, balconies, pools, concrete tanks (bistijerna), cellars, waterspouts, jardinières, water beds, etc. Polyester is ideal for coating (plastification) of the plaster boards and for bathrooms and screen walls construction.

Insulation is conducted on any surfaces: concrete, granite, marble, metal, wood, ceramics, stone etc.

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